3 Free Printable Get Well Cards

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As we enter into cold and flu season, I thought these free printable Get Well Cards would be perfect to publish right now. Whether you have a loved one recovering from illness, surgery, or similar, one of these simple cards will certainly bring a smile to their face as they're on the mend. There are three designs available for you to download below. 

Free Printable Get Well Cards
Whether it's a co-worker, a family member, or neighbor, everyone gets sick at some point. Sending them a little love in a card is always a lovely gesture. Knowing someone has thought of me enough to send a greeting card always warms my heart. Download these three free printable Get Well cards below.

Free Printable Get Well Cards

I can think of a hundred times I've wished I had a get well card on hand for a friend. As moms, we have all probably done a "door drop" at some point for another mom who is cooped up with a sick kiddo...or worse, an entire sick family. I've both been a receiver and runner in these circumstances. The routine is always similar: grab crackers, soups, necessities, and leave in a grocery sack on the recipient's porch. And, well, let's face it, as moms we don't want to spread the germs to our own families or ourselves, so it's usually a "drop and run" kind of situation. But, next time I am in the preparation stages of one of these door drops, I am going to tuck in one of these get well cards, too. Because necessities are wonderful, but a bit of kindness makes things a whole lot better when you're down in the trenches with sick family members.
3 Free Printable Get Well Soon Cards
When our son broke his arm (it's been nearly ten years ago), all of his little friends from school sent a bunch of get well cards to our house in a big envelope. That kiddo ended up needing surgery, so he was cooped up for quite a bit with an extended recovery time (read: bored to tears!). He took the time to thoughtfully read and display each card his little pals had sent to him. The wall by his bed became his own little museum of get well cards.  And he loved still being connected to his preschool buddies, even when he was home and unable to play much. Get well cards are seriously the best. Hoping these three designs can bring a bit of cheer and a smile or two to someone you're thinking of. They're really great to keep on hand or print out whenever they're needed.

Printable Get Well Cards

Printing and Using Your Get Well Cards

  • You'll be able to download your favorite card design (or all of them, if you like) below.
  • Please note that these cards are for personal use only. Please do not recreate these with the intention of reselling them in any manner.
  • Printable greeting cards should only be printed onto cardstock, for its durability. My card designs are created to print onto white letter-sized cardstock. 
  • Load your cardstock into your home printer and print your card on your "normal" setting.
  • Cut out the card just inside the hairline border that runs along the outside of the card. 
  • Fold in half. Use either the handle of your scissors or a bone folder to create a smooth crease along the fold of your card.
  • Be sure to write your own sentiments or verses on the inside of your card.

Envelopes for Your Get Well Cards

  • All of the printable cards here on Print Pretty Cards are designed to fit size A6 sized envelopes. A6 envelopes measure 4 3/4" x 6 1/2".
  • Today's card designs would work with either white or kraft paper envelopes. I've included links to some of my favorite A6 envelopes in these colors over on Amazon below:

Download Your Free Printable Get Well Cards

Free Printable Get Well Cards

Free Get Well Soon Cards

More Free Printable Get Well Cards

  • My free printable Thinking of You cards also make the perfect greeting cards for speedy recovery wishes.
  • I also have this set of blank Lavender and Lace Cards that are really lovely. They'd be perfect as Get Well Cards, too.
  • These adorable hand-lettered Get Well Soon Printables are super sweet. They're from Lu Loves Handmade.
  • These Get Well Cards for Kids from Liz's Early Learning Spot are perfect for the younger ones when they're under the weather. I always try to get a cute card for my own kids when they were home sick from school...it always lifts their spirits.
  • Sometimes illnesses can reach beyond a typical get well card. I also have this printable Faith Over Fear card on my other site, I Should Be Mopping the Floor, that would work for those kinds of delicate situations.  

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