Free Downloadable Thank You Cards

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These Free Downloadable Thank You Cards are perfect to have on hand for when the need to write a note of appreciation rises. Because everyone loves a nice, handwritten thank you note, right? Download either design of these free downloadable thank you cards below. 

Downloadable Thank You Cards
I hope you all are enjoying this new blog. I've designed greeting cards for a long time and having a dedicated site for all of them has always been a little dream of mine. My free printable thank you cards over on I Should Be Mopping the Floor are some of my reader faves...hoping this new set over here on Print Pretty Cards are similarly loved. Download these downloadable thank you cards below.

Free Downloadable Thank You Cards

These downloadable thank you cards come in two different designs. On the above photo, I created a coral-schemed design. Below, you'll see the pink version of it. Both designs have a lovely watercolor wreath with the simple Thank You phrase coming out of the middle of it.
Free Downloadable Thank You Cards

Printing and Using These Downloadable Thank You Cards

  • Grab these downloadable Thank You cards below .
  • Print your card onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper is too flimsy for greeting cards, so cardstock is the way to go here. 
  • Trim your card just inside the hairline around the perimeter of the entire card. Leave the faint midline alone when trimming.
  • Fold the card in half, with the midline on the spine of the card.
  • You can run the handles of your scissors along the fold of the card to give it a nice, crisp crease.
  • These cards are designed to fit into size A6 envelopes. 
Free Printable Thank You Cards

Download Your Printable Thank You Cards

More Downloadable Thank You Cards

Printable Thank You Notes

Tips on Writing Great Thank You Cards

No matter what the occasion, be it a gift or hospitality, I love a heartfelt Thank You card. My mom was always a big believer in these and instilled this in me. The following tips are the ones I've stuck to for years in taking a thank you note to the next level.
  • Be sure to address your card recipient immediately: "Dear Jane" or "Hi, Lea". Gauge the formality of the note based on your relationship of the person you're sending the thank you card to.
  • Specifically name the gift or event after your first "Thank you" and use a nice adjective. An example would be: "Thank you so much for the lovely platter," or "Your gracious hospitality was very appreciated".
  • Point out your favorite thing about the gift you were given. "The pretty platter will be so lovely at my next dinner party. It matches my china perfectly." 
  • If you're writing a thank you note for an event or hospitality shown, (being invited to a dinner party or a weekend stay at someone's home), use the same guidelines, but point out your favorite things about the event or your time together. "I loved everything about our weekend, especially dinner at the restaurant on the beach. It was very memorable."
    • Although a mailed thank you card is usually the standard, if I'm giving a thank you note for staying in someone's home, I like to leave it in the space I stayed so the recipient sees it as they clean the room or area I was in. Normally a nightstand or dresser is a great spot to leave one. Often, the note gets read before I even make it back home.
  • Let your recipient know how much they mean to you: "Your friendship means so much to me" or "You're such a wonderful aunt, I cherish our relationship".
  • Add a nice closing statement, like, "I can't wait to see you again," or "Next time, we'd love to host you here".
  • Sign your name with similar formality that you used in your opening greeting.
Happy Thank You Card writing, friends! Merci!

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  7. Your Mom was right... having Thank You Cards handy is a good thing. Writing Thank you cards unfortunately is a lost art these days. Your tips on what to write is very helpful for people who need a guide.