Free Printable Back to School Cards

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These free printable Back to School Cards are perfect to send to all the students (teachers and staff, too) you know that are headed back to a new school year. These designs have fun, student-like doodles all around the perimeter (I was totally a doodler in school!). Grab either of these two back to school cards below.

Back to School Cards
When I was a child, my Aunt Margaret always sent me a card to kick off the school year. It was a very sweet tradition that I really looked forward to. When I got to high school, she'd even tuck in a bit of lunch money, so that was always a fun surprise, as well. Wishing kids well on a new school year is such a great way to boost a bit of confidence and let them know others are thinking of them at what can be an anxious time. 

Check out both designs for these back to school cards below.

Back to School Cards

Not only is a "before school starts card" exciting for a student, it's also actual mail they're receiving (which really ups the fun content). My teenage boys still think getting their own mail is neat (probably because it's so rare these days). Why not send a few smiles as we head into another school year? Maybe even to kids who may not even be expecting it?

These greeting cards would also be darling for teachers to write to their students. Or even students to give to their teachers. What a positive way to start the school year, right?
Free Printable Back to School Cards

Designs for Back to School Cards

  • One of the back to school cards contains a graph-paper grid background to really add a bit of school nostalgia to the design. Although, I don't know, do kids still use graph paper? 
  • The other card doesn't have a background and can save you a bit of ink. It's still a fun and playful design, too.
Printable Back to School Cards

Printing and Using Your Back to School Cards

  • These greeting cards are for personal use only. However, if you own a small shop or business and would like to carry the physical version of these cards (no digital reselling is allowed), you can purchase a commercial license here.
  • These back to school cards are designed to be printed onto white, letter-sized cardstock (8.5"x11"). Regular paper is actually too thin for greeting card printing and the corners will eventually curl. 
Free Printable Back to School Card
  • Once you've printed your card, trim just inside the black hairline border that runs around the entire card, removing the white border (you can actually leave the border in place, if you prefer).
  • Fold your card in half. Use the handle-end of your scissors and run it along the crease of your card to create a smooth fold (I like to go over mine a couple of times to make sure it's super a professional card). 
  • Be sure to fill in lots of sweet sentiments and well wishes for your student to read when they receive their card.
  • Envelope information is available below.
Back to School Card

Envelopes for Your Back to School Cards

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