Free Printable Thank You Tags

These Free Printable Thank You Tags come in two designs: one simple black and white version and another colorful rainbow-riffic design. They're perfect to use as favor tags for a party or attached to simple gifts of appreciation. I also think they're adorable tied around a bouquet of flowers (now, that's my kind of thank you gift, y'all!). Download either of these free printable thank you tags below.

Printable Thank You Tags
I honestly think that either of these tags, with their simple, handwritten flair would be lovely attached to any type of gift. But, that rainbow one kind of has my heart. Feel free to even incorporate these into an event as favor tags (personal use only).

I'm such a sucker for rainbow colored letters. I added a slight offset hairline outline around the colorful THANK YOU lettering, as well...just to make each letter really pop. And well, because yellow. It always stumps me. I love to use it in designs, but with lettering, there absolutely has to be a bit of contrast to make yellow work (especially a light, buttery yellow like I used on these printable thank you tags). So, an offset outline was a fun way to achieve that simple contrast and be able to include good, ol' yellow. Plus, I think they turned out pretty darn cute, right?

Free Printable Thank You Tags 

These printable thank you tags measure two and a half inches wide by four and three quarter inches high. They print out six to a page and are perfect for use at a party for favors. They have a playful, but straightforward design that can't be beat.
Thank You Tags

Printing and Using Your Thank You Tags

  • You can download these printable thank you tags here or below (there are more specific download links available below).
  • Be sure to print your tags onto cardstock paper. Regular paper will be too thin and flimsy for a tag of this nature. After cut, it will curl up on the ends, or worse, get itself all wrinkly and sloppy. Stick with cardstock.
  • After printing, cut your thank you tags out just inside the hairline border provided.
  • Sign your name on the bottom of the tag.
  • Using a smaller, 1/8" hole punch is a nice way to make the hole kind of understated, but a bit fun inside the black circle. This also provides a more secure spot (less prone to tearing) for attaching ribbon or twine.
  • String ribbon or twine through your hole and attach to your gift. 
Thank You Favor Tags

Download Your Printable Thank You Tags

Printable Favor Tags

More Free Printable Thank You Tags and Cards:

  • Be sure to also check out my free printable watercolor thank you cards, too. They are a larger size with a nice space to write your own appreciative sentiments.
  • These Free Printable Tags (with lovely Oleander flowers) are perfect to use as thank you tags, too. They have plenty of space to write in a note of your own. They are located over on my other blog, I Should Be Mopping the Floor.
  • I really love these free printable Mixed Sentiment Tags from Hanna Nilsson Designs. Their shape is super cute. There are two thank you tags included in the mix, as well.
  • And these modern, diagonal printable Thank You tags from Faking It Fabulous are really perfect for a cute gift bag. I love their simplicity.
  • I also have a set of Free Printable Thank You Cards with Chrysanthemum Flowers on them over on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. They're lovely any season, but especially in the fall.

Printable Tags


  1. These are really cute, perfect for weddings as well as teacher gifts etc.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. xoxo

  2. Love that you share. You are very talented

  3. Thank you for sharing these. They are perfect!

  4. Hi! These tags are super cute! But the link isn't available any more. Is there still a way to access this printable?


  5. These were great! We added a handwritten note and attached them to goodie bags for hospital employees working the frontlines. Thank you for the fabulous freebie!