Black and White Printable Birthday Cards

These Black and White Printable Birthday Cards will be an absolutely precious addition to your next celebration. Attach them to a gift or tuck them in an envelope to send to a special friend. They're simple to print at home and won't run through your ink too fast, either. There are two designs of these free printable birthday cards below. Download your favorite (or both).

Printable Birthday Cards
Black and white printables are always my most popular ones over on my original blog, I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I thought it would be fun to make the first post over here in that manner, as well. These black and white printable birthday cards are simple, but pack a lovely little design punch with their adorable cupcake art anchoring each card.

I've learned over the years that having printable birthday cards downloaded and ready to go makes it super simple to print one and send it at the last minute. It's also a lot more budget-friendly than running to the store for an $8 card. I mean, my goodness, cards have gotten so spendy lately, right?

See both of these sweet little Black and White Printable Birthday Cards below.

Black and White Printable Birthday Cards

Not only are these simple designs quite striking on their own, they can be colored in, too. While I'm partial to the more simple look of the plain black and white color scheme, the coloring option gives you the freedom to customize your card for its recipient. Kids can certainly get in on the fun of the coloring aspect, too.
Printable Birthday Card
Both of the printable birthday cards have simple cupcake designs with the same text on each card. One card is a cupcake with a cherry and plain wrapper. The other design is cherry-free but the cupcake wrapper has a bit of flair to it. Each of these cards is blank on the inside. This allows you to write in a personal greeting or heartfelt note of your own. Envelope information is available below. Tuck in a gift card or cash and you've got a ready-to-go gift.

Using these Printable Birthday Cards

  • You may download either of these printable birthday cards here or below (more specific links are listed out below).
  • Print onto white cardstock. Regular paper is too flimsy for greeting cards.
  • Trim the card just inside the outline of the perimeter of the card.
  • Fold on the faint hairline down the middle of the card.
  • Run the handle of your scissors along the fold a few times to create a nice, clean crease in your card. You can also use a butter knife or similar...just something heavier that will really crease your card in a clean manner.
  • These printable birthday cards are designed to fit perfectly into size A6 envelopes that are available at Amazon and retailers everywhere. I always like to keep a stack on hand to print a card at anytime and have it ready to go.
Printable Birthday Card Designs

Download Your Printable Birthday Cards 

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Hoping you love these sweet and simple cards.

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