Free Printable Birthday Cards for Mom

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A mom's birthday is always a special matter what age. These sweet birthday cards for mom are free to print and give. There are two different designs to choose from (that will give mom all the feels!). Download your favorite below.
Birthday Cards for Mom
I always feel like the "semi-personalized" cards are a bit more says the giver went the extra mile to pick out something more specific for the card recipient. And these free printable birthday cards for mom totally fall under that category. Check out both of the designs available for these printable greeting cards below.

Birthday Cards for Mom

There are definitely lots of special occasions for celebrating moms, but birthdays always seem to be my favorite. My own mother's birthday was the day after Valentine's...and she always wanted a box of chocolates (mainly because she knew they'd be half off...ha!). But, it was such a joyous day. 

Printable Birthday Cards for Mom
A birthday is a day that you get to be celebrated your entire life...and that celebration always looks different each year. But the sentiment never changes. As a mom myself, I certainly don't want anything big or major, but truly, a heartfelt card or note from my kids and family means the most. These printable birthday cards for mom are the perfect way to make sure your mom gets those kinds of greetings on her special day. These are blank inside, so you can fill them up with your own thoughts and wishes. 

Designs for Birthday Cards for Mom:

Again, there are two different designs available: one that says "Mom" and one that says "Mother".
Tea-Rrific Birthday
Pictured above is the "Mom" card. It's perfect for the mom who loves a good cup of tea. It includes a large red and white tea pot, a reverse-colored tea cup, and (of course), a cupcake. It reads: "Mom | May your birthday be TEArrific."

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Mom
Pictured above is the "Mother" card. It includes a the same large red and white tea pot, but this time with flowers spilling out the top of it. And a different cupcake (with cherries!) is included. It reads: "Mother | May your birthday be as lovely as you."

What to Write in Birthday Cards
Having a bit of writers' block over what to write inside mom's card? Be sire to check out my 101 Messages to Write Inside a Birthday Card for LOTS of inspiration.

Printing and Using Your Cards

  • These birthday cards for mom are for personal use. However, if you have a small shop or business and would like to carry the physical, printed version of these cards (no digital reselling is allowed), you can purchase a commercial license here
  • Make sure to only print greeting cards of this nature onto letter-sized white cardstock paper. Regular paper is too thin for greeting cards and the corners will curl up.
  • After printing out your birthday card, you'll cut around the outside of the small hairline surrounding the perimeter of the card. You can use scissors or even a paper cutter for this. Personally, I like to use this Fiskars Paper Cutter-- it makes fast work of cutting out cards and keeps the edges completely straight.
  • Once your your card is cut out, fold it in half. I also take the handle of my scissors and run it along the crease of the card to remove any wrinkles. It gives the card a crisper, more polished look.
  • And the most important part: don't forget to write your own sentiments to mom inside your card. This is a great way to personalize your card for her special day.
  • Envelope information is included below.

Printable Birthday Cards for Moms

Envelopes for Your Cards

All of the standard cards I design here on Print Pretty Cards are created to fit into A6 envelopes. An A6 envelope measures 4 3/4" x 6 1/2". I purchase my own sets of A6 envelopes through Amazon . I have also listed a couple of options below (also through Amazon) that will coordinate well with today's Birthday Cards for Mom:

Download Your Birthday Cards for Mom:

Birthday Cards for Moms

Mom Birthday Cards

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