Free Printable Thinking of You Cards

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These two free printable Thinking of You Cards are perfect for the late summer and early fall seasons with all of their lovely jewel tones spilling into and out of the actual card design. There are two different designs available below: one that is a heavier design with loads of florals bordering the Thinking of You wording and the other is a lighter design with just a bit of pretties in each corner. The lighter design is a nice ink-saver, if you prefer. Download both of these Thinking of You Cards below.

Free Printable Thinking of You Cards in Two Designs
If you're already following me on my main blog, I Should Be Mopping the Floor, then these watercolor florals may be a bit familiar to you. After their popularity in these September Digital Wallpaper Freebies, as well as a set of Watercolor Fall Printables, I just had to include them in a greeting card design, too. I think they're perfect for these Thinking of You Cards. Simply download and print out your favorite design. Then, surprise someone with some sweet mail to let them know they're on your mind. 

Free Printable Thinking of You Cards

I can never have enough "Just Because" cards on hand. I love them so much. It's such fun to send them to friends who aren't expecting it. And they're often so delighted to receive them. But, these free printable Thinking of You Cards are also ideal for times of crisis or sorrow...or just stress, in general. When I lost my mom, the cards I loved the most came a few weeks after her death (long after the traditional floral arrangements and sympathy cards had arrived, which also meant a great deal). Those simple "Thinking of You Cards" were ones that were kind of follow-ups from really wonderful souls who knew full well that the hardest part of loss can come after all of the ceremonial things take place. And those are the cards that I treasured the most and reread still. 

A Thinking of You Card can truly hold a lot of meaning and be cherished more than its sender may ever realize.

Free Printable Thinking of You Cards
The above image features both designs available today. The top design is perfect is you're looking to save a bit of ink. But, it's still lovely with a few sweet florals peeking in from a couple of the corners. 

The bottom design is kind of my classic approach to watercolor florals...the more the merrier (amiright?). You really can't go wrong with either of these designs. 

Watercolor Greeting Cards

Envelopes for Your Thinking of You Cards

First, I'm here to tell you that it's perfectly okay to go envelope-free in many situations. Tucking a card into someone's book or leaving it on their desk without an envelope is still just as meaningful (and you can't beat that surprise burst of color that is sure to catch their eye). But, if you like a nice envelope to address on the front (for actual mailing, this is required) or to just go that more traditional route, here are the envelopes I recommend that fit these cards perfectly:
Envelopes for Printable Greeting Cards

How to Print Your Cards

  • You can download either of the Thinking of You card designs below.
  • After downloading, open in your computer's reader (often, this is Acrobat or Preview). 
  • Be sure to print onto white cardstock paper (regular paper is too thin to use with greeting card printables of this nature).
  • Print using the NORMAL or BEST setting on your printer.
  • Cut your card out just inside the fine black outline all away around the perimeter of the card.
  • Fold in half. Use either the handle of your scissors or a credit card to smooth the actual crease of the card. This will give you a nice, clean fold without all the wrinkles.
  • Again, these Thinking of You cards work perfectly with A6 greeting card envelopes (available here on Amazon).

Printable Thinking of You Cards

Download these Thinking of You Cards:

Thinking of You Cards

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