Free I Love You Card Printable

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This I Love You Card Printable is perfect any day of the year when you want to let someone you care about know you love 'em. There are five color options for the lettering on these, too. And the handwritten-style of lettering is on top of a playful hand-dotted background. You can download your favorite version of this free I Love You Card Printable below.

Free I Love You Card Printable
I love you. Were sweeter words ever spoken (or sent in a card, wink!)? These cards are my absolute favorite kind of cards to keep on hand. They're great to tuck into my kids' backpacks for them to find in the middle of their school day. Or even taped to my husband's steering wheel (I have his extra set of keys and often sneak into his work parking lot to do just this sort of thing). It's always great to get a surprise "I love you" any time of the day, right? And they're even fabulous for anniversary cards, too. Download one of these free I Love You Card Printable designs below.

Free I Love You Card Printable

When I sat down to design this card, I wanted it to be something non-Valentines-ish. It seems like all of the cards these days with love sentiments often revolve around Valentine's day. But, I honestly really enjoy cards like this year round...when they're unexpected is always the best time to share them, don't you think? 
I Love You Card Printable
The black and white dotty background almost has the feeling of tiny Dalmatian spots. Almost. But, I wanted something that felt more on the hand drawn side of things, rather than perfect and symmetrically-laid out circles everywhere. 

Combining the spots with a hand-drawn-style font for the I Love You gave that overall handmade vibe to this free I love you card printable. I did add in a white outline and slight shadow behind the lettering to make it really pop off the page and be the star of the show (as I intended it to be).

I Love You Lettering Colors

The lettering on these cards is available in the following colors:

  • red
  • purple
  • bright blue
  • kelly green
  • hot pink

Printing Your I Love You Card Printable

  • This I Love You card design is for personal use. However, if you do have your own small business or shop and would enjoy carrying the printed versions of these cards, you may purchase a commercial license to do just that here. Please note that reselling of digital items (not printed) is strictly prohibited.
  • Once you have downloaded your particular card in the color you'd like, be sure to print onto white letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper isn't a good idea for greeting card printables of this nature. 
    • You can purchase an inexpensive pack of letter-sized white cardstock here on Amazon (that's where I get mine!).
  • After your card is printed, simply cut it out of the cardstock just on the inside of the grey hairline around the perimeter of the card (you'll want to remove that hairline completely). 
  • Fold in half. Personally, I use the handle of heavier stainless scissors and run it along the crease of the card once it's folded. This takes out any wrinkles or bubbles in the crease and makes for a nice, crisp fold. 

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