Free Cornucopia Printable Card

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Today's Free Cornucopia Printable Card is perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving season. This card is wonderful to print out and send to those friends and family you aren't able to be with for the holiday. Its simple black and white design is ink-friendly, but still lovely in its overall feel. And who doesn't love an overflowing cornucopia this time of the year? Download your free cornucopia printable card below. 

Free Cornucopia Printable Card for Thanksgiving
All of the cards I design here on Print Pretty Cards are 4x6" in nature, so they can be framed, too. This design would be so lovely framed up for the fall. It has a hand-drawn quality that really says autumn, to me. Download your card below.

Free Cornucopia Printable Card

Everyone loves a good black and white print. Not only are they great for consolidating your ink supply, but they always turn out very striking, graphically speaking. Something about that contrast of black ink against a white background really makes things just pop! These are also fun to play around with, in terms of your paper color, too. You can use cream or even kraft-paper-colored cardstock to really change the overall feel of this card once it's printed out. 
Thanksgiving Card
And if you're super ambitious, this cornucopia printable card is one that can be colored in, as well. Grab some (well-sharpened) colored pencils for this's full of intricate details that will require a fine tip. If you're up for it, this would be a great coloring card for adults to utilize. You can even gift it with a set of colored pencils for your friends who enjoy coloring as a pastime (I totally love to color, relaxing!). 

But honestly, it looks just fine in black and white on its own, too. 

Printing Your Thanksgiving Cornucopia Card

  • This card is for personal use only. You may certainly print it for gift-giving purposes (even to a large quantity of people). If you do have a small business, and would like to carry the printed version of this card (no digital redistribution is allowed), you may purchase a commercial license here.
  • Be sure to only print your greeting cards onto letter-sized cardstock paper. Regular paper is much too thin for this purpose. Like I mentioned above, with the black and white nature of this printable card, it would be fun to try out different colors of cardstock with this design.  
  • Use the black and white setting on your home printer to save yourself a bit of ink when printing these cards.
  • After printing, cut each card out just inside the black outline around the design.
  • Fold the card in half. You can use the handle of metal scissors and run it along the crease of your fold, to get a nice, crisp (relatively wrinkle-free) fold on your card.
  • I have coordinating envelope information and sizing below.

Printable Thanksgiving Cards
And if you're really into the coloring aspect of cards and printables, I have some other free Thanksgiving cards to color over on my other blog, I Should Be Mopping the Floor. Two of the three designs are featured above. They aren't quite as detail-oriented as today's cornucopia printable card, so they may be a better fit to those of you who enjoy the coloring end of things.

Envelopes for your Printable Card

Download Your Cornucopia Printable Card

Blessed Thanksgiving Printable Card

Cornucopia Printable Card

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  1. Lovely and Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

    1. You're so welcome! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, too. xoxo

  2. TY so much for these...I will enjoy sending out to friends.