Free Printable Gift Tags for Food Gifts

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The (uofficial) season of baking is upon us. If you enjoy sharing gifts from your kitchen, these free printable gift tags would be perfect to attach to your goodies. They have a simple watercolor design (notice the watercolor swash in the background) with a few essential ingredients in the bottom right corner. Download these free printable gift tags for your treats below.

Free Printable Gift Tags for Food Gifts
Treats from the kitchen are one of my favorite gifts to give. Whether it's a baked goodie from your oven, preserves from your end-of-season canning, or even a jar of spicy homemade salsa (my brother is famous for making and gifting this), food makes the best gift (because everyone needs food, right?). Plus, it can be super budget-friendly.  Download these free printable gift tags for all of your gifts from the kitchen below.

Free Printable Gift Tags for Food Gifts

When we lived up in the panhandle of Texas, after we were first married, I learned the art of food gifts. My husband had his first principal job up there. However, I had to leave my job when we moved, so we tightened the purse strings as we went down to one salary for a bit. We loved to gift things to a lot of his teachers and our friends during the holidays, but that can be a challenge on a tight budget. One year, I made homemade pretzels and spicy mustard for everyone. Another year, I used our bumper crop from our 10 apricot trees to make apricot preserves for the masses. It was always fun to get creative and see how I could still gift meaningful items on our budget. The food gifts were always welcome...everyone loved and appreciated them. But, I think part of making them such a great gift was in the presentation. I'd always make gift tags and attach them to my gifts to dress the deliciousness up a bit more.
Free Printable Gift Tags

Printing and Using Your Gift Tags:

  • You'll be able to download your tags below.
  • Be sure to print them onto white letter-sized cardstock for stability. Regular paper is too flimsy for gift tags (it will curl on the edges).
  • After printing your tags (they print four to a page, as pictured above), cut them out around the orange border. If you wish to make them a bit smaller, you can actually cut on the inside of the border (removing it completely).
  • These tags are large enough to be punched with a standard-sized hole punch.
  • Tie them to your food gifts using baker's twine (I think baker's twine is almost a must-have in gifts of this nature, don't you?). 
  • You can even grab the cute food-grade favor bags like I have featured in the first and last image of this post. 

Illustrated Recipe Printable
These food tags are companion prints to the popular free printable recipe illustrations I posted over on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. They utilize some of the same illustrated ingredients that are on those printables, as well. Next month, I will also have companion recipe cards for these printables, as well. When gifting food items, it's always fun to include the actual recipe, too, so the recipient can recreate your gift on their own, too. I'll be sure to come back and link those cards once they are live.

Download Your Printable Gift tags:

Free Printable Gift Tags for Baked Goods

Food Gift Tags

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  1. Thank you! These are very sweet and I always love a pretty gift tag! Hope maybe you'll offer up some Christmas "from the kitchen of" tags too! That's about the only time of year that I make goodies for people! Marilyn

    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn! I appreciate that. Yes, a Christmas version is definitely on my list.