Free Printable Halloween Cards

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If you're like me, sending greeting cards for holidays and seasons is a fun little thing to do (especially to kids!). Today's free printable Halloween cards can be sent across the miles to friends and family or even used to "BOO" a coworker or neighbor. There are two versions of this card available, as well. Download your free printable Halloween cards below. 
Free Printable Halloween Cards
I couldn't resist a good witch quote on one of these serves as the perfect greeting for these pretties. You can practically hear the green-faced gal with the pointed hat cackling, "Hello, my pretty", can't you? But, I also have a completely blank version of the card, too, with the witch's hat standing on its own. Whichever of these cards you prefer, they'll be a delight to their recipient for sure. Download your free printable Halloween cards below.

Free Printable Halloween Cards

Growing up, I had a great aunt who always sent me a card in the mail for every single holiday or celebration (and even just because sometimes). She took great pride in selecting cute cards that would make me smile. When you're a kid, getting a piece of mail addressed to YOU is such a big deal (that isn't nearly as exciting when we grow up with all the bills in the mail, huh?). 

I'd always be delighted to see my name written out beautifully in her gorgeous penmanship. And it was always addressed to "Miss", which added to the specialness. She also tucked her infamous two dollar bill inside each card she sent (y'all, I still have almost all of them in a box in my closet!). She loved sending those to me and they were always so fun and unique...but I never spent a single one! 
Cute Halloween Cards
That small gesture from my Aunt Margaret made me fall in love with the act of sending cards across the miles. In this day and age, with email and social media, I feel like cards in the mail can almost be even more special than they were years ago. These free printable Halloween cards are perfect for those of you who enjoy this bygone tradition, as well. And hey...your bank may have a few two dollar bills you can tuck into them, too!

Witch Hat Printables
Today's Halloween card designs are companion prints to my layered Vintage Halloween Printables (also free) over on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I just loved this sweet little witch hat in all its vintage glory. I thought it would be fun to spread the design love over here to Print Pretty Cards, too.

Witch Hat Cards
And again, there are two versions of these Halloween cards available. You can see the wordless version above on the left.

Printing Your Free Printable Halloween Cards 

  • You'll be able to download your favorite version of this card below in the download links area (I have two ways for you to download).
  • Because these are (mostly) watercolor designs, you can set your printer's output setting to either DRAFT or NORMAL (no need to use the BEST mode on this a lil' ink!). While not all printers are the same, most of them will create small striations with the ink in DRAFT mode. With a watercolor design, this comes across as very authentic and true to watercolors' characteristics. Give it a try and see what you think!
  • Be sure to always print your cards onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular printer or copier paper is too thin and flimsy for card printing.
  • Once you print your card onto cardstock, simply trim off the outer border (outside of the hairline around the perimeter of the card).
  • Fold your card in half. Use the handle of your scissors (heavier stainless steel scissors work great for this) and run it along the crease of your card to get that nice, sharp, and clean crease without a lot of wrinkles. You may have to go back and forth over it a couple of times for your desired outcome.
  • The insides of these free printable Halloween cards are blank for you to fill in your own sentiments to your pretty

Printable Halloween Card

Envelopes for Your Free Printable Halloween Cards

Download Your Free Printable Halloween Cards:

Free Printable Halloween Card

Witch Hat Halloween Card

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