Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

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Today's new free printable holiday gift tags are the best kind...super simple, with a tiny bit of flair and prettiness peeking in. They have the colors and foliage of the season, but won't use up a lot of your printer ink. Download these gift tags for Christmas below.

Holiday Gift Tags
My favorite way to wrap a Christmas gift is with a more "neutralish" paper (think brown kraft paper or a simple polka dot/striped design). I rarely use holiday-specific wrap. Instead, I wrap in these year-round papers that I can dress up with a gift tag and pretty bow to give them a more seasonal look. Today's holiday gift tags are perfect if you wrap like I do...or, even if you don't! You can download these below.

Holiday Gift Tags

From family gifts, to co-worker gifts, to treats for neighbors, we all need a few holiday gift tags to keep on hand this time of the year. Attach these to just about anything that needs a sweet holiday-sentiment on it.

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags
These tags have a watercolor floral design in the bottom right corner (or it can be a top or bottom corner if you prefer to use them in a more horizontal fashion). I left lots of space for you to fill in your own sentiments for your gift's recipient. 

Printing and Usage Information

Printable Holiday Gift Tags
  • You can download these printable gift tags below.
  • These holiday gift tags are for personal use. However, if you have your own small business or shop and would like to use the printed versions of the tags for marketing purposes or packged to resell (no digital redistribution is ever allowed), you can purchase a commercial license here
  • These tags print with six designs per page.
  • Each tag measures just a bit shy of 3"x5".
  • Make sure to print these onto white, letter-sized cardstock paper. Regular paper is too thin and flimsy for gift tags of this nature. After cut, it will curl up on the ends, or worse, get itself all wrinkly and sloppy. Cardstock is the way to go. 
  • After printing, cut your gift tags out just inside the hairline border provided.
  • Don't forget to add your "to" and "from" to your tag.
  • I like to pair these tags with a simple red and white striped baker's twine (grab the same one I use here on Amazon).

Download Your Holiday Gift Tags

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tags

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