Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards

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These three free Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards are just in time to send to all of the educators out there letting them know how much they're appreciated. A card may be a simple gesture, but it really means the world sometimes. And letting kids fill these in with their own sentiments will warm any teacher's heart. Download these printable teacher appreciation cards below. 

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards
Teacher Appreciation Week and end-of-school gift giving is all coming up, y'all. Time to shower those wonderful folks with loads of appreciation (and, if you're reading this in 2020, we'll be keeping it all at an acceptable distance). Although things are a lot different this year and we're all doing some form of homeschooling (for the most part), we still need to remember those fabulous educators who continue to do so much for our kids (even if these days it's from a virtual class time of sorts). Download one (or all) of these three free printable Teacher Appreciation Cards below.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards

When my kids were in elementary school, I always went a bit over the top with our teachers' gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of the school year. But, now that we have both middle school and high school teachers (and quite a number of them), it would be a bit of a budget-buster to try to replicate my elementary-school gifting ways. I found that streamlining things has helped me tremendously, while not losing the sentiment. Plus, my kids definitely help, too. Cards are one of my favorite things to gift. I'll often tuck a Starbucks card inside to make it a little more fun, too. And it's simple to put together. 
Teacher Highlighter Card
I make sure my kids do the actual writing part of the card. Which is what also makes these free printable teacher appreciation cards so great...they're blank on the inside to include a sweet, heartfelt note. The three messages on the outsides of these cards are:

  • You've been the highlight of my year (on top of watercolor highlighters)
  • Thank You (with a watercolor apple)
  • You've Made My World a Better Place to Be (with a watercolor globe)

Printable Teacher Thank You Cards

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

The official Teacher Appreciation Week for 2021 (for the United States) is Monday, May 3rd through Friday, May 7th. Every year, it usually falls to the last week of April or the first week of May. I often give small gifts each day of the week, but this year, we're sending cards. 

Sending Mail to Your Teacher

While many of us are practicing social distancing, it may be a bit of a toughie to hand deliver cards to your kids' teachers. Here are a few ideas on getting your teacher their card.

  • Our school district's mail is still running and yours probably is, as well. You can send the card to the school with your teacher's name on it. Teachers are about to start retrieving items from classrooms as most prepare for summer. There's a good chance they'll check their box, too. You may want to email them with a simple head's up that you've sent it their way via the school.
  • If you're hesitant to send the card to your kids' teacher through the mail, reach out to a school administrator and ask the best way to get your teacher a card or gift. They may allow you to mail it to their address and they'll deliver or porch drop for you.
  • There is always the option to email your teacher and let them know you'd like to mail them something for teacher appreciation, but wish to respect their privacy. Ask them the best way to do this...I'm sure they'll give you a great idea...maybe even their mailing address. 

Cards to Send to Teachers

Printing and Envelope Information

  • Please note that all of my free printable cards are for personal use only. If you do own a small shop or business, and would like to carry the printed version of my designs (no digital redistribution allowed), you may purchase a commercial use license here
  • As always, all of my free printable greeting cards should always be printed onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper is much too flimsy for greeting cards. 
    • If you don't have white cardstock on hand, you can purchase it quickly via Amazon right here. They actually have the best price on cardstock (that's where I purchase my own stash!).
  • Once you've printed your card, cut it out just inside the light blue hairline border that I've included around the perimeter of the card.
  • Fold the card in half.
  • To get a nice crease in your card, use the handle of your scissors (metal scissors work the best) and run it along the crease a few times to get out any wrinkles in your fold.
  • All of my cards are designed to fit inside standard size A6 envelopes. A6 envelopes are 6.5" x 4.75". The ones I'm sharing here today work well with either white or Kraft paper envelopes. Find them both via Amazon below:

Download Your Teacher Appreciation Cards:

Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teacher Cards to Print

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