Free Mother's Day Printable Cards

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Mother's Day weekend is upon's truly one of my favorite weekends of the year. Today, I'm sharing two free Mother's Day printable cards. They are both feminine, simple, and sweet...perfect for anyone who is like a mom to you. Download these two Mother's Day printable designs below. 

Mother's Day Printable Cards
Mother's Day seems to fall at the perfect time of the year, in my opinion. Spring is blooming and flowers are's almost a very feminine time, no? Seems like the perfect season for celebrating those important moms in our lives. Download these free Mother's Day Printable cards below to celebrate the moms in your own life.

Free Mother's Day Printable Cards

This year, it may be a bit trickier to get out and shop for Mother's Day cards. I made these two with that in mind...they're super simple. Just print, cut, and send. 
Two Mother's Day Cards to Print
I started out trying to come up with a clever saying or poem or what-have-you for these designs. But in the end, I always have to tell myself...simpler is usually better. And that's exactly what I came back to with these cards. These watercolor designs just simply state "Happy Mother's Day". This makes them perfect to send to anyone who fills a motherly role in your life. I actually enjoy sending these to some of my friends who are also mothers...kind of a "we're in this together" sort of sentiment. 

The two designs I'm sharing today are both light watercolor designs, each with a very feminine feel. One is covered in pink, coral, and yellow florals. The other has aqua, purple, and pink watercolor dots. Both have the same "Happy Mother's Day" script message on the front of the cards. 

Watercolor Dot Mother's Day Card

Printing Your Mother's Day Printable Cards

  • These free Mother's Day Printable Cards are for personal use, only (gifting and giving is very okay and of course, encouraged). Please do not reproduce these with the intention to resell them in any manner (digital or physical products).
  • All of the free greeting cards here on Print Pretty Cards are made to be printed onto letter-sized white cardstock paper. Cardstock is thicker that regular paper and creates a lovely, greeting card. Regular paper is really too thin to use in this manner. 
  • You can use either the "normal" or "draft" printing mode on your printer when printing these watercolor greeting cards. Often times, draft mode can create a striation effect on watercolor designs that gives a bit of an authentic look, overall. This isn't a guarantee that your printer will produce this result, but it's worth a try. Draft mode uses significantly less ink than other printer modes. 
  • Once your card is printed out onto the letter-sized white cardstock, cut it out just inside the light pink border that runs around the entire card. 
  • Fold your card in half.
  • Use the handle-side of your scissors and run it along the crease of your fold to get a nice, crisp finish. 

Envelopes for Your Cards

Envelopes for Printable Cards

Download Your Mother's Day Printable Cards:

Watercolor Mother's Day Cards

Free Mother's Day Printable Card

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