Free Printable Patriotic Cards

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As we head into the summer season, I thought it would be the perfect time to create some new patriotic cards. These designs are perfect for Fourth of July greetings or really any time you're feeling the spirit of the red, white, and blue. Download either of these patriotic cards below.

Patriotic Cards
Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! I feel like summertime is kind of the unofficial patriotic season here in the US. With the fourth of July right in the middle of the season, it's a festive time to celebrate our country. And it's fun to send a few patriotic greetings, as well, to those you may not celebrate with in person. These patriotic cards are just the ticket to send some smiles across the miles this summer.

Patriotic Cards

I really love summertime. And between Memorial Day and the fourth of July, I tend to go a bit overboard with the red, white, and blue. It just makes everything so festive and celebratory, don't you think? From flags in my porch ferns to a few buntings across a patio, I do love the patriotic flair this time of the year. And why not extend that into some sweet printable patriotic cards? I know so many of you send cards year round to friends and family (which is why you've probably ended up here on Print Pretty Cards). Today's cards are just perfect to add a bit of seasonality to your card-sending this season.
Printable Patriotic Cards
There are two separate design options (pictured above) for you to choose from with these free printable patriotic cards.

Options for Patriotic Cards:

Free Printable Patriotic Cards
The main design has a light, watercolor background (pictured above). I refer to it as the "main design" because I tend to lean more towards's the first one I create and then I pull out the background for the other option. I do love the subtle blue and white checked background; it reminds me of that classic summertime picnic blanket or tablecloth. The lettering is outlined in a fine white hairline to really make it pop. 

Patriotic Card Printables
But, in all honesty, the option without the background (pictured above) really does have colors that pop right off of the design. It will save you a bit of ink, too.

Printing and Using Your Patriotic Cards

  • These free printable patriotic cards are for personal use. However, if you have a small shop or business and would like to carry the physical, printed version of these cards (no digital reselling of any kind is allowed), you can purchase a commercial license here
  • Be sure to only print greeting cards of this type onto letter-sized white cardstock-style paper. Regular (or "printer") paper is too thin for printable greeting cards and the corners will curl.
  • After printing out your patriotic cards, you'll cut around the outside of the small red hairline surrounding the perimeter of the card. You can use scissors or even a paper cutter for this. Personally, I like to use my Fiskars Paper Cutter-- it makes quick work of cutting out cards and keeps the edges completely straight.
  • Once your greeting card is cut out, fold it in half. 
  • Optional, but makes for a nice touch: I like to take the handle of my scissors and run it along the fold of the card to remove any wrinkles in the cardstock. It gives the card's crease a crisper, more polished look.
  • And the fun part: don't forget to write your own sentiments inside of the card.
  • Envelope information for these cards is included below.

Kraft Envelopes

Envelopes for Your Patriotic Cards

All of the printable cards I create for Print Pretty Cards are specifically designed to fit inside of A6 envelopes. The measurements for A6 envelopes are 4 3/4" x 6 1/2". I purchase all of my A6 envelopes through Amazon (they have the most colors and options to choose from...even over my local office-supply stores). I have listed a few specific options below on Amazon for today's printable patriotic cards:

Download Your Patriotic Cards:

Fourth of July Cards

Patriotic Cards to Print

More Cards for Summer Sending

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