Free Printable Monogrammed Note Cards

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I've been wanting to create some monogrammed note cards on this blog for some time. And, I've always envisioned them with the simple watercolor laurel wreath surrounding the monogram. I have all letters for these free printable monogrammed note cards available below.

Monogrammed Note Cards
Who doesn't love a good piece of monogrammed stationery? I know I can't get enough of allllll the monogrammed things. But, monogrammed note cards have to be some of my favorites. It's so nice to send a note with a bit of personalization. And these make the best gifts, too...weddings, graduations, hostess gifts...they can't be beat. Download your letter below.

Monogrammed Note Cards

As we head into the summer season, I'm really drawn to beachy blues and greens. And these monogrammed note cards are certainly no exception. They have a very light watercolor striped background (it will barely use up any of your ink supply), with a sweet leafy laurel wreath filled with those beachy hues. And the monogram is in a simple sage green brush script that really plays off of the watercolor vibe.

Monogrammed Notecards

Monogramed Note Card Etiquette

Here in the south, monogrammed stationery has always been a bit of the norm. And, if you're a stickler for the rules surrounding a good monogrammed piece, feel free to check out the below notes. But, I'm more of a "rules can be broken" kind of girl, so feel free to take these with a grain of salt, if you prefer.
  • One rule that gets a little murky is whether to use the initial for your first name or last name. This applies to situations where you're just using a single letter monogram, like with today's monogrammed note cards. 
  • The traditional rule was to use your first name's initial if you weren't married or younger than 18 years of age. After you were married, or decided to go with a more mature monogram, you'd go with the first letter of your last name. 
  • Nowadays, I feel like the norm is, well...whatever you're comfortable with. I tend to print more single monograms for my last name's first letter, since I send most of my correspondence on behalf of my family. But, I do love to sometimes use my first name on a monogrammed initial piece. These days, it's truly a go with what you like the best!

Note Cards to Print and Use

Using Your Monogrammed Note Cards

Preppy Monograms
  • After your card is cut out, fold it in half. Run your finger (or the handle end of your scissors) along the fold to remove creases.
  • Now my favorite part...write your own sentiments inside the card.

Corner Rounder
I've been experimenting with rounded corners on a lot of my printables on my other blog lately. I wanted to see how they'd look on greeting cards, too. And, I really like the look (pictured above). I have certainly gotten my money's worth of my little corner rounder tool (find it here on Amazon). On greeting cards, you will need to cut the folded card and do both layers at once so the corners match when the card is closed. 

Envelopes for Your Monogrammed Note Cards

A6 Envelopes

All of the printable cards I design for this blog are created to fit inside of standard A6 envelopes. The measurements for A6 envelopes are 4 3/4" x 6 1/2". I purchase all of my own A6 envelopes through Amazon (they tend to have the most options and colors to choose from...even over my local office-supply stores). I have listed a couple options below on Amazon that will work well for today's printable monogrammed note cards:

Download Your Monogrammed Note Cards:

Free Printable Note Cards
Click on the letter you'd like below for the download. There are also links at the bottom of the list for Dropbox and Google Drive, if you prefer those methods.

Monogrammed Stationery

More Free Monogrammed Printables


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