Free Printable Gnome Christmas Cards

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These free printable Gnome Christmas Cards will bring a smile to anyone's face. They're both punny and cute. And there are two wording variations for you to choose from, as well. Download either of these gnome Christmas Cards below. 

Gnome Christmas Cards
Whether it's "From Our Gnome to Yours" or "From My Gnome to Yours", these Christmas cards are truly delightful little ways to spread cheer. And you can print them from home to easily send out to all of the gnomies on your list. Download either version of these gnome Christmas cards below. 

Gnome Christmas Cards

I had such a great response to my Christmas Gnomes Gift Tags (over on my other blog, I Should be Mopping the Floor), that I thought it would be fun to make them into Gnome Christmas Cards, as well. You'll find three fun little gnomes gracing the front of this design. And, it's available in both "our" and "my" options.

Free Printable Gnome Christmas Cards
These three little gnomies are here for your holiday greetings. With their adorable noses, polka-dotted background, and red and white get-ups, they scream Christmastime. If you're a gnome fan, these are definitely the cards for you. 

Printing Your Gnome Christmas Cards

Printable Gnome Christmas Cards
  • There are two wording options available ("my gnome" and "our gnome").
  • These are designed to be printed onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper is too thin for card printables and will curl up on the corners. 
  • Once you print your card on your home printer, you can cut it out around the outside or the inside of the green outline (either way looks's your preference).
  • Fold in half (there is a faint green line marking where the crease of the card should be).
  • Gently run the handle-end of your scissors along the crease of your folded card to smooth out any wrinkles and give you a nice, crisp fold. 
  • Fill in your own sentiments on the inside of your card. Tuck into an envelope and you're all set. Envelope information is below.

Envelopes for Your Gnome Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards with Gnomes
All of the greeting cards here on Print Pretty Cards are designed to fit size A6 envelopes. Standard-sized A6 envelopes measure 4 3/4" x 6 1/2". Today's Printable Gnome Christmas Cards would look lovely in either white, red, or green A6 envelopes.

Free Printable Christmas Gnomes Gift Tags
And, as I mentioned above, the inspiration behind today's Gnome Christmas Cards was this design (pictured above) for my free printable Christmas Gnomes Gift Tags that are housed over on my other blog, I Should Be Mopping the Floor. There is a blank version (this one pictured) and a design that reads "for my favorite gnomie".

Download Your Gnome Christmas Cards:

Free Printable Gnome Holiday Cards

Free Printable Christmas Cards

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